Work Tip 1 | Every Day Work

In my own experience and many of my friends and colleagues, hard work was the basis for success, job satisfaction, and overall happiness.

Work Quick Tip #1

Like the endorphins you feel after a great workout, the feeling of accomplishment when you have worked diligently to reach a goal, passing an exam with an “A”, finishing a fantastic presentation, completion of an engineering design project, closing a critical sale, working with happy customers and clients…it’s an incredible feeling!

It’s a feeling you want to repeat time and time again. Working hard to reach a goal, whether academic, work or personal, is Work worth doing.

Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.  Confucius

Nothing will work unless you do.  Maya Angelou

We launched our first book, “36 Quick Tips for Savvy Women”, late last year and wanted to share monthly E-Tips that will help keep us on track and headed toward our brighter future. For copies of “36 Quick Tips for Savvy Women” please visit 36 quick tips or call us at 925-219-0080.

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