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My Deepest Thanks to my Team who helped pull together this concept and grind through the details of proofing, printing and distribution. Special thanks to Lorna Stegall and Parie Petty, who have been my rock of marketing creative support for some 20+ years!  My thanks to Shiera Brady who took very creative photos to enhance our message.


A big thank you to Bonnie, Louise and Maureen, who help me take care of business and make my days so much easier and filled with smiles.


A big shout out to Andy and Bruce who have inspired me to reach up and keep focused on building our business. Together we will make a big impact in Northern California with the Donor Motivation Program®.


To my many friends and colleagues who spur me on and motivate me to take new risks and continue to grow personally and spiritually.


To my coaches and mentors, Scott Keffer and James Malinchak, who lead the way for those who like me, need a strategic game plan.  I give my deepest thanks to Larry Winsten, who mentored me for many years and took time to teach me the fundamentals of this business.


And thank you to my clients and colleagues from whom I have gained much experience and wonderful life long relationships.


And finally, I thank my family, who at times think I am the mad scientist, writing with pencil and paper, at all hours trying to nail down the thesis for this book.


Initial Assessment and Understanding “How You are Wired”

There are many assessment tools and systems on the market. When I came into the business world, we used the DISC system and Myers Briggs. There are now many systems, and we list a few below to offer a method to get started. There are no right/wrong answers just tools to help you design your plan. We use a combination of Kolbe assessment for new employees/team members and Instinctive Drives® led by business coach Pamela Jacoby.

This assessment gives insight into how you approach work, projects and how you may be most productive.

Your Instinctive Drives® gives you a deeper understanding of yourself, why you do the things you do and what you really need to be at your best and most successful in any role or relationship.

Contact Pamela Jacoby at 925-998-7798 for a complimentary assessment.

This is a personality assessment, which helped to guide us in how we worked with others.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

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