Planning by Design: Reaching Your Big Dream

 Do you have a big dream? Can you envision your ideal lifestyle starting today, for tomorrow and for life? Does your career or business support your ideal lifestyle?

If you answered YES to at least two of these questions, then I believe you must have a “plan,” a “roadmap,” or a “blueprint” to help guide you along your life’s journey.

The successful people I have encountered as a wealth manager, have all had a plan or strategy to reach their big dreams. Do you? A plan, roadmap, blueprint, you pick the one you like best. Your plan doesn’t have to be 7 chapters long, outlining every goal with project plans, dates and tactics. Of course, it could be, but it truly doesn’t have to be. To get started, take the time to imagine and visualize your desired destination, then write it down with deep intentions. That would be the first big step.

Some examples of intentions:

  • I am receiving my Doctorate degree in June 2019.
  • I have just received my first 6 figure engagement contract October 2018.
  • I am the CEO of my start-up venture in 2020.

From your intentions, work backwards to today and write down the steps you need to take to reach that dream, goal, or lifestyle.

In working with our clients, we use a “Create Intention Process,” which usually results in a bigger and more successful outcome. The power of intentional planning enables you to keep moving towards your goal. Your actions will follow what your mindset dictates. Whether it be leaving your current job to start your own business, invigorating and recharging your career, marrying work and wealth to create more success and joy in the lifestyle you have today, or gaining confidence to take control of your Financial House so you stay on the path toward career and financial independence. You will find that creating your plan and designing your ideal lifestyle is not difficult, it is empowering.

We have several clients who have collaborated with us to do precisely this; mapping their biggest dreams and marrying their ideal lifestyle within the same plan. We call this process your “Prosperity Blueprint” or “Lifestyle by Design.”

Let’s look at Janet who is a licensed therapist and loves to work with children and their families. She wanted more from her work and her career than what she was receiving while employed by a major nonprofit. She had the experience but lacked the confidence to quit and start her own business. She decided to “take the seatbelt off her lifestyle” and work with us to reach her big dream. We looked at her Financial House and helped her with her individualized plan, assessing what it would take to move ahead. She made a timetable to take action, which was one year. She planned to gradually take on clients and we urged her to add a Saturday morning schedule to accommodate busy working parents. That one tip got her two engagements immediately!

The work and the actions Janet took enabled her to leave a job that was safe and secure, but unfulfilling, 5 months early!  Today, she is thriving; owning and managing her own family therapy practice. We were thrilled to see the results that our client achieved by taking steps to plan, to set bigger intentions, and to constantly take action to move forward.

We continue to collaborate with Janet making sure her Financial House is in good shape. That she is managing her ideal lifestyle for today, for tomorrow and for life. She has the Prosperity Blueprint that keeps her moving forward and ahead.

We are huge believers in Dreaming Bigger, Dreaming Bolder, and Dreaming Brighter! To reach your bigger dreams, it takes a little planning and a Prosperity Blueprint that keeps you on the road to financial independence and a lifestyle you desire. Take time and take action!