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Planning by Design: Reaching Your Big Dream

 Do you have a big dream? Can you envision your ideal lifestyle starting today, for tomorrow and for life? Does your career or business support your ideal lifestyle? If you answered YES to at least two of these questions, then I believe you must have a “plan,” a “roadmap,” or a “blueprint” to help guide…

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Women Tip 2 | Just Begun

We Have Only Just Begun… Women Quick Tip #2 There are more women in the workforce in the U.S. than ever before…47%, as of 2011 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). However, women still trail in areas of compensation and top leadership roles. By the last count in July 2013, 4.6% of Fortune 500 companies were led…

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Wealth Tip 2 | Building Wealth

There are no super secrets to wealth accumulation. We need intention, action, discipline, knowledge, and persistence through good and bad times, over our lifetime. Wealth Quick Tip #2 For those who may not inherit any assets from family, the path to a comfortable retirement is to “save more than you spend.” When your employer offers…

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Is Your Money Working Harder For You Than The Other Way Around?

5 Keys To Building A Strong Foundation For Your Financial House We invest a great deal of time building and establishing relationships with our friends, colleagues and family. We use special networking techniques to expand our business and our centers of influence.  But do we look at one of the most critical relationships in our…

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Worth Tip 1 | Your Net Worth ≠ Your Self-Worth

Your Net Worth ≠ Your Self-Worth Worth Quick Tip #1 As we mentioned in the last chapter, your wealth is more than your money. And your money does not come close to being equal to your self-worth. How you perceive yourself, how you talk about yourself, and how you represent yourself, eventually become the reality…

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Work Tip 1 | Every Day Work

In my own experience and many of my friends and colleagues, hard work was the basis for success, job satisfaction, and overall happiness. Work Quick Tip #1 Like the endorphins you feel after a great workout, the feeling of accomplishment when you have worked diligently to reach a goal, passing an exam with an “A”,…

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Women Tip 1 | The Best Education

Women should strive to get the best education they can afford. Women Quick Tip #1 A degree or professional certification gives one confidence and a great start on the Yellow Brick Road of Life. Take time to invest in continuous learning whether in your field or a related field of study. Life-long learning through reading, classes,…

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